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Carpentry and Joinery Worksop

The Carpentry and Joinery Workshop is equipped with modern wood working machinery and timber drying and curing kiln The Carpentry and Joinery workshop supports all Carpentry and Joinery needs of the projects as well as producing finest furniture. The Workshop is manned by 90 employees.

Electrical and Plumbing

We are fully qualified staff and equipped with modern tools to install systems for both domestic and industrial projects


We do detailed designs for buildings to be built by KATO construction and even for outside clients, we also make as-built-designs for KATO contractors built project

Kato Contractors, recognises that the safety and health of our employees and others involved in our operations, is an integral part of our business performance and a prime responsibility of management at every level. Kato Contractors Ltd aims at

Zero Accident
Zero Injury
Zero Lost Time
Improved Workers' Competences
Improved Operations Efficiency and Effectiveness
Improved Productivity

Kato Contractors Ltd therefore, has a Safety and Health Management System that stretches to cover aspects of the environment to ensure the protection of the employees, assets as well as the public from all forms of construction hazards. The system is best accomplished through cooperation of the employees and other stakeholders through an effective safety and health program, which puts responsibility to each and every one to play their part. Kato employs competent nurses at all our locations of operation and construction sites for provision of first aid and emergency as well as routine disease treatment. Kato maintains Insurance policy cover for Workmen Compensation in event of injuries or accidental death arising from job related accidents as mandated by the Workmen's Compensation Act. We also maintain an Insurance cover for Public liability for compensation to third parties against accidental injuries while visiting our locations of operation and sites.


Plot 1305, Roche Close Muyenga

P O Box 29727 Kampala